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What’s Going On With Me

A few changes...

A few changes....png

Well, it’s been eventful since I last bothered to update this blog. I’m now back from my second round of maternity leave after giving birth to my second daughter in October 2018. I’ve been back to work for a couple of months now, but things are a little bit different. So this blog is just to update you on what I have going on.

New roles

As well as continuing as a Freelance Copywriter, I’m also working at People’s Voice Media, a charity in Manchester, as a Project Worker (Dissemination & Social Impact). It means I get to work on some amazing projects using and developing the Community Reporter methodology, as well as promoting PVM’s collective work far and wide. It’s a flexible role, though, so I’m still available for freelance projects.

New website

As you can see, I have a shiny new website. My original site was created in a rush when I was starting out as a freelancer and had very limited funds. Now I can actually afford a half-decent site, I’ve sorted one. It’s been ready to go for a while, I’ve just been waiting for my domain to transfer.

New workstyle

I’ve changed a few things about the way I work. Those of you who already work with me won’t notice any changes as I won’t be altering anything for you (my existing clients are all boss). Those of you who are new to me won’t know any differently as you’ve not worked with me before which makes this whole paragraph a bit pointless really! But I plan to be a bit more structured than I was previously which is good for all concerned.

Anyhow, one of those changes is that I plan to update this blog a bit more regularly. Or at least when I have time. We’ll see how that one goes…