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And just like that, I'm a working mum

And just like that, I'm a working mum.png

It doesn't seem like a moment ago that I started my maternity leave. In actual fact it's about 10 months since I began to wind down my workload and nine months (39 weeks) since I officially stopped work properly in readiness to give birth.

In actual fact, I didn't get much maternity leave before my daughter decided to show up. I formally downed tools on 13 April 2017 and she came into the world a week early on 16 April. Now, she's a day away from being nine months old and I'm back in my (home) office getting stuck into projects and drumming up new business.

It's a funny feeling to be my own boss and a working mum. Most mums I know have returned to work with someone else telling them what days they can do, how many hours they need to work and when they should arrange childcare for. I am in the fortunate position to decide all that for myself and I can fit my freelance copywriter business around my family life. However, it also means I have to stay 100% motivated all of the time to complete work, acquire new business and keep on top of all of the admin, all in a reduced amount of time.

It's a challenge that will be exciting to rise to.

So, between parenting, being a freelance copywriter, and my work with wehearttech C.I.C., I'm definitely going to be kept busy. But I'm always interested to hear from anyone with a project they'd like me to look at so please do get in touchwhenever you need to!