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Why I'm not worried

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When I tell people I've gone freelance, they keep asking me what my back-up plan is and the simple answer is: I don't have one.

At first I was pretty worried. Should I have one? Should I have a pile of savings ready in case it all goes belly up? Should I have some job applications waiting in the wings? Conventional wisdom would say yes and conventional wisdom probably does have a point, but I haven't subscribed to it. Instead I just went for it: quit my job, worked my notice and dived in head first.

Why aren't I worried?

I'm not worried for a lot of reasons but here are the main ones:

  1. I'm good at what I do so I have confidence I will succeed. It might not be super quick but I will get there over the next few months.

  2. I have a lot of support. My husband, family, friends and colleagues have all been there for me with help, advice, referrals and kind words and that tells me that I can make being a freelancer work.

  3. People I've met over the last couple of months genuinely want to help and give me opportunities. I've not met one person who's been horrible or unhelpful.

  4. I've got some exciting things on the horizon. Not everything can happen straight away and I know that I should stick with it because I have some fantastic things coming up with wehearttech in the near future as well as some collaborations with friends and former colleagues.

And the final reason?

have to succeed. Not having a back-up plan means I have no other choice. I have to make this work and I damn well will.